FEBRUARY 2021 Events


Saturday Feb 13, 2021

                                                                                ZOOM  11 AM

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                                                                             Tuesday Feb 16th

                                                                            ZOOM CALL  10 AM

                                          Topic of the Zoom Call is to share with the group your most amazing
experience you've had on a Friendship Force Journey. If you haven't
journeyed yet with FF, you could relate an experience from any travel. It
could also be something funny or frightening!

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Mural Walk and Lunch in Punta Gorda
Tuesday, February 23, 10 AM

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Want to Meet the Locals, Near and Far?

Friendship Force, an international travel and cultural exchange club, provides you opportunities to meet people across the world on a personal basis.  Members of over 360 Friendship Force chapters in 70 countries visit one another staying in each other's homes sharing meals, conversation and experiences for one week. The host chapter arranges activities for the visiting chapter but it's more about faces than places.  Experience Different Views.  Discover Common Ground. 

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