Belgium Coast Inbound

From Dennis Yemma, Exchange Director - We have just finished a successful exchange with the FF Belgium Coast Club. Many ambassadors liked the pace of activities and the time spent with their hosts. As one ambassador said, “The more time you have with your feet under the same table, the better you get to know each other.”

I want to thank Kev (Janiak) and Bev (Harmon) for all their help setting up and coordinating events. A great big thanks goes out to all our members for the big turnouts at all events. We had many new members and new faces at our activities – THANK YOU. We can all relax for a while as our new EDs start planning for the next incoming and outgoing exchanges. I hope to see all involved in those exchanges.

Exchange activities included a tour of Echo Farms, a visit to Babcock Ranch to view alligators and a slice of Old Florida, a meeting with the Mayor of Fort Myers, a tour of the Edison Ford Estates and the museum with a buffet lunch served in the historic caretakers lodge. Homemade pizzas at Pizzaria di Dennis were a highlight of the Welcome Party. Ambassadors also enjoyed small dinner parities hosted by club members. Judy Carson coordinated a wonderful Farewell Party complete with Italian meatballs, sausage and Chicken Marsala at the party room of her housing development. A few members opted to go an airboat ride to the Everglades (at additional cost).

Those who hosted the 15 Belgians and 2 FF members from FF Maine club (17 total) were: Dennis & Jule Yemma, Sibby Yemma, Reta Lanning & Bob Kissinger, Judy Carson, Joanne & Richard Collins, Carol Berry, Jack & Jo Cooley, Susan Beaudry, new members, Maureen & Hank Butt, Frank & Glorida Thompson and Cheryle Phelps & Lous Rizk. Thanks so much, everyone!