Denver Colorado Inbound 2015

What a great group of people we had from Denver! The only sad part is not getting to know everyone more personally. I was very happy to see so many of our members who were not hosting, helping out or enjoying the exchange. It was nice to see our newest member, Joanne MacPeek, at a few of the events. Another new member, Carol Nasby, came through to host Cassandra Wooden's guest for the last two days, when Cassandra had to leave unexpectedly for a funeral. New members, Dianne Van Beek and her husband, Larry, also day hosted. Dianne and Carol sure helped me out with the lunch at our home, and clean up afterward. It really allowed me to play hostess. As I thought of things, they were already being taken care of. I came back to clean dishes and food put away. Do you guys hire out?

Lou and Cheryle did not host for the first time ever but certainly took on a lot of the activities with the Welcome Lunch, the drive to the Everglades and help at the Farewell Dinner. Thanks so much!

Judy Carson put it all together at the Farewell Party. What a convenient venue for events. Not only is Judy a treasure but her community is so cooperative and the people at the gates could not be more friendly. What a great place!

Of course, one cannot say enough about Cecilia and the great program that was put together for our ambassadors. Her committee with Jonnie and Gloria and Carla, and Phyllis worked together to create a great time. Dinner hosts were great! Judy Carson was ours - she added to her already busy schedule to help everything turn out great.

Except for the free day, we had quite good weather and the sail day was perfect. I don't think anyone wanted to come back! Sorry that we took away the social hour, Cecilia.

It is really great and heart filling to be with a group of people who can pull this all together. Joanne Collins is right when she says we are small but mighty. I am proud and happy to be one of our FF of SW FL group.

Sue Linehan