Friendship Force Terminology 

Friendship Force (FF), Friendship Force International (FFI) - The overall international organization that provides opportunities to explore new countries and cultures from the inside by bringing people together at a personal level.  Through the signature program of home hospitality, local hosts welcome international visitors into their culture, sharing with them meals, conversation and the best sights and experiences of their region.  It was founded and is still located in Atlanta, Georgia USA and first introduced in 1977 by President Jimmy Carter at a White House gathering of state governors.  In 1992, Friendship Force International was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Check out the website at for more information.

Ambassador -  A participant in a journey to promote cultural understanding and awareness who is expected to represent the home chapter or country as a citizen ambassador.

Journey (formerly Exchange) - A visit to or from a chapter in another part of the world or another state.  This involves home hospitality, the heart of a FF Journey, which provides the opportunity for people of different countries and cultures to connect at a personal level.

Inbound Journey (formerly Exchange)- A formal 6-7 day program of hosting activities arranged by our chapter to introduce visitor ambassadors to the culture and life of our club's area, southwest Florida.

Outbound Journey (formerly Exchange) - A visit of cultural understanding arranged by distant FF members to enable participants vetted and organized by our club to learn about the distant country or area through a 6-7 day program of daily activities and family experiences.

Domestic Journey (formerly Exchange) - A journey usually 4-5 days established to introduce members of FF to another area within the USA (also referred to as an Interclub Visitation).

Journey Coordinator (formerly Exchange Director) - The lead volunteer and "face" for any inbound or outbound club trip.  Responsible for organizing and selecting ambassadors to make a positive impact on international understanding and goodwill; for planning the journey and preparing ambassador or host participants for their roles in the cultural event; and for acting as the leader of the journey into the heart of another country or area.  Appointed by the president and confirmed by the Board of our club. 

Host Coordinator - A Journey Coordinator for an inbound visit from another domestic or international location to our club.

Ambassador Coordinator - A Journey Coordinator for an outbound visit to another domestic or international location that the club is going to visit.  

Home Stay - A hosting arrangement, usually provided by a household in a distant location, identified, organized and vetted by the FF club sponsoring an exchange.

Host - The individual(s) providing a home visitation experience to the visiting ambassadors.  Hosts may be full hosts, day hosts or dinner hosts.  Hosts may arrange for friends and neighbors of other community members to meet the visiting Ambassadors.

Day Host - A FF chapter member or prospective member in the host chapter who assists the host with transportation to organized program events, provides day tours of local attractions, or offers to serve as a host if the host is at work or unavailable during day time.

Dinner Host - An interested FF chapter or community member who wishes to be involved with a journey and may host a small dinner, lunch or brunch for visiting Ambassadors and their hosts.

Region - A geographical area, established by FF International for administration and communication purposes.  Southwest Florida is part of the Florida region that currently contains 7 areas - East Central, Florida Suncoast, Greater Orlando, Sarasota, Villages (new chapter) south of Ocala, Tallahassee (upcoming chapter) and our chapter, Southwest Florida.  Judi Stratton is the current field representative.


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